Friday, July 2, 2010


I love animation. It's more powerful, for me personally, than live action could ever be. I guess it's the ability to make the impossible possible because you aren't restricted by that little thing called reality. I've spent the last hour trying to describe the feeling I get when I'm watching a really incredible animation and I just can't put it into words. So here are a couple of my favourites and maybe you'll understand. My only request if that if you're watching an animated movie that's not in English... use subtitles! Forget dubbing, it ruins a movie's carefully crafted feel and makes it sound like Claire Daines or Billy Crystal. Yuck.

The Triplets of Belleville - just take my word for it. Amazing.

My Neighbour Totoro - this movie has my heart, forever and ever. I literally feel my heart flutter when I watch it.

Coraline - the right mix of creepy and crafty (plus Dawn French always wins me over)

The Missing Key - Jonathan Nix (still due for release)

Just a note on this one - Jonathan Nix almost made me pack up my life move to Melbourne and study animation. He doesn't know who I am nor that he inspired this in me, but back in 2006 when he spoke in our lecture I was so inspired that I considered changing my entire life based on his work. I don't have a speck of this guy's talent so I didn't follow through but his movie "The Missing Key" looks incredible. He was working on it back in 2006 and it's still not out so you could definitely say this was a labour of love. From what I remember he was drawing/painting every still himself. This movie is due for release in 2010 (I believe production pushed it back from its 2009 release date) and I can't recommend highly enough that you hop to and see it when it's out!

And of course the one where it all began... Sailor Moon.

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  1. I think that feeling is the same feeling I get when I watch a live musical. It makes you wanna cry and scream and laugh and throw up all at the same time. These clips are brill.