Friday, October 8, 2010

It's a bunny thing

I'm a tad obssessed with bunnies. I can watch Youtube clips of bunnies doing inane stuff for hours. And I had been eyeing off these lovely artworks by Kozyndan at Outre Gallery for quite a while. After visiting the Kozyndan website I realised I could buy the posters for US$15 online (must take advantage of that strong Australian dollar!) so now I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of even more bunnies to my home. yay!


  1. I just ordered all 4 of those, plus an extra cherry blossom one for a friend and the iphone cover for her too. I'm travelling to the US this month and I'm so happy about this dollar thing. Every other time I've been, the Aussie dollar was only 60-65c.

    They sell these prints, framed, at Outre for about $190 each. Ouch.

  2. haha clearly, i know how you feel. i have a print by them also! so many great bunny things around too. dangerous.