Thursday, April 15, 2010

...but you can have my milk!

The humble popper. Sure, it looks innocent enough - a box full of juice, or that weird UHT milk, with a very cute but practical straw glued to the front. The perfect thirst quencher after a double period of Geography, spent studiously writing notes to the friend who sat directly next to me (carefully decoding hidden meaning in all those completely meaningless things adolescent boys say). But how many times would I reach into my backpack, hand fossicking around for that box, only to find it deflated at the bottom of my bag, while my science textbook greedily drank it all up? More than I care to remember. The night would be spent with hairdrying in hand, holding each warpled page apart so that they didn't stick together. Your science textbook never looked quite the same and always smelt faintly of oranges.
How my problems could have been solved if I'd had a log cabin in my bag! Okay, well a log cabin lunchbag. This lunchbag/cooler would be perfect for a little one's backpack - not only would it have saved my science texbook, it would have kept it cool as well. Made 590, you've done it again! I don't understand how one place can have so much stuff I want... but they do, clearly with no regard for my savings plan.

Just quietly, how gross is the thought of drinking warm milk that's been in your backpack all day? And yes... I still drank poppers in year 12.


  1. I have this exact Lunchbag. It fits 6 cupcakes perfectly and stops your frosting melting! YAY!

  2. I love it, its just so damn cute :)

  3. really?! if it's perfect for cupcakes i think it would be silly for me NOT to have it. excellent!