Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ladies who lunch...

It's a beautiful day in Sydney and although I'm cooped up in an office for the majority of it, I'm excited to be catching up with my favourite girl called e tonight. We're headed to Mamak to eat a tonne of roti and catch up because we haven't seen each other at all this decade. Shameful huh?

One of the things I miss about my old job is being able to see Liz daily and gab over lunch. There were quite a few long Friday yum chas and dirty Shark Bar lunches, followed by desserts of Puffy or bags of freckles. Lunch is a great!So are lunch boxes (wow... great segue hey?)

How sweet are these little lunch boxes by Shinzi Katoh? They're 1,260YEN and from memory the YEN to AUD exchange rate is pretty ideal at the moment. Tempting... but remember my spending strike? Boo-urns.

I'm wondering if Owen will recognise that very cute tree lunch box-  it looks an awful lot like the one he broke two years ago and promised to replace... funny that?

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