Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A walk-on part of a background shot of a movie I'm not in.

I'm aching to see this movie! I bought tickets to see it at the Bondi Open Air, but for some reason I've long chosen to forget I didn't go - I think I double-booked myself, as I'm prone to doing. It's nothing to do with popularity, but entirely to do with disorganisation (my middle name, as you have it). Have you seen it? It looks really cute and quirky, and let's be honest you can't really lose where Alison Janey is involved.
I'm also kind of excited to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It looks so ridiculous and nerdy. I've moved on from my Michael Cera love and am firmly in geek-love with Jason Schwartzman instead (listen to Coconut Records...AHHH-mazing!)

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  1. i saw Away We Go - it was awesome!!! Highly recommend. The two main actors are great in it and there are lots of good cameos too!
    I love Michael Cera..... swoooooon. : )