Friday, June 25, 2010

All the colours of the rainbow

I'm not exactly fashionable - with a figure like mine (all hips and thighs) it's just not feasible! So I'm never really taken in by catwalk fashions, magazine spreads or designer fashion.
But there is one designer who captured my heart so completely, so even if I was interested in any of the above, there simply isn't any of my heart left!
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada isn't a sleek or elegant or sexy - but my god she is so FUN!

Her clothes are so loud and kooky and just plain silly at times (see the egg dress). When you break it down she has a pretty simple design aesthetic - bright colours and simple shapes. But somehow it's carried off with such panache and bravado! I mean how many designers shun black in favour of bright pinks, yellows and oranges all in the one outfit? I think fashion should be fun and should make you smile... Chanel doesn't tend to make me giggle. Beware - picture heavy...!

Over time I've tracked down four pairs of her shoes and these green ones (scuse the awful picture... this was a few years into their life and they look a bit grubby) will most likely hold their place as my favourite pair of shoes ever, despite their departing into shoe heaven. Agatha's goods painfully impossible to find here in Australia and expensive to boot, but I love wearing my heart on my sole. Get it? Oh okay - too cheesey huh?


  1. love her take on the whole fashion thing - perhaps it's all just a big joke at the fashion industries expense with them all taking themselves too seriously. I think I like the furniture the best though

  2. i think you're right! i can't help but think she's secretly laughing and having a hell of a time.
    me too! i appreciate her clothes even though they're completely unwearable and impractical, but it's her furniture, stationery and accessories i love!

  3. Definitely the cutest USB stick I've ever seen!