Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Source of fun...

Hello there!
I've been a little absent because I took myself overseas to LA, San Francisco and New York for a few weeks. So I'm back feeling refreshed and inspired - nothing like a few weeks of summer warmth to make the remnants of Sydney's winter a little more bearable.

I was a particularly slack traveller and took hardly any photos (save for about 10 of the Kwik-E-Mart in Universal Studios...). My lovely dad was actually in San Fran before me and scouted out this amazing paper shop - Paper Source - for me and was even kind enough to get a quick photo.

How amazing is their window display?! If you look closely they're made up entirely of envelopes - so quirky yet resourseful. The shop was a crafty girls Mecca, I literally thought I was going to implode with inspiration. We left with only a few bits and bobs, including this very fun wreath flower kit mum bought for us to make.

I'm a little frustrated that we don't have anything this exciting in Sydney. Paper Source offers up inventive and original products at reasonable prices which is something we're really lacking here. They even offer classes! I'm green just talking about it. And something else that was really refreshing? The shop I went in was manned by two young and trendy guys. Love it.

In summary - check them out here!


  1. Looks like a great shop. Hope you had a lovely time over there and ate lots of delicious American fare. How about Paper Couture in Darlinghurst, it's pretty cute!

  2. oh true! i've only walked past there one time when it was closed but i should probably give it a go (and stop complaining while i'm at it ;))

    yes! did have a great time thanks and ate lots of goodies! made sure i bought home plenty too (a whole duffle bags worth :D)