Thursday, September 9, 2010

The age old debate is over and it ended in overalls

The werewolf vs vampire discussion is getting seriously tired by now. I'm pretty sure most of us are sick of feeling slightly guilty over being attracted to a 17 year old boy in a tank top, or alternatively Cedric Diggery with white makeup and a poor American accent. Personally I've been too busy watching what the grown-up vampires have been getting up to in Bon Temps to give werewolves a second though. Well that's until someone introduced me to Alcide Herveaux... Warning - Total fan girl moment approaching

Eric Northman? I seriously couldn't care less (blasphemy for anyone who has seen Ep 9 of Season 2 of True Blood...). This girl is fickle, but it's Team Alcide all the way.

As a side note, don't you think Stephen Moyer must be pissed? Each season he is superceded by someone hotter which is a shame because the man looks hot with a tan.
As another side note - Terry Bellefleur has my heart for life.


  1. OMG I wish we had foxtel! I need to see this show. I have the first two series on dvd. Wasn't they guy in One Tree Hill? He was hot then but my god he is way hotter now! And OMG how can you not like Eric Northman....he is incredible. I am so glad they cut his hair for season 2. God I wish I had foxtel!!!

  2. Haha, yes! He is from One Tree Hill! And I think How I Met Your Mother too.
    I used to LOVE Eric - so in love with him in season 2 but in season 3 he gets boring and Alcide totally made me forget him :)
    Yess you should try and get your hands on Seaosn 3 if you can - full of goodstuff!

  3. II'll admit Alcide does give Eric a run for his money but I think I'm still in the vampire camp.

    I am hanging out for season 4 to start.