Saturday, September 4, 2010

Money changes everything

Just how crazy is it to shell out $350 on a dress you can't try on? This is the internal war I'm currently waging with myself over this dress from Posh Girl Vintage. I've looked at it every day for a week and I just can't decide.

It's perfect! Just awfully expensive...


  1. i guess it all depends on how much you really think you'll wear it. If its going to be a wardrobe staple, just do it, If its just made for you, do it. If you just want it because your bored, do it.

  2. hahahaha i love your thinking, it's very similar to mine. i'm 90% there to buying it... but that damn careful 10% is holding me back!

  3. Argh! Made the mistake of clicking on the link and am now well and truly hooked, and spend far too much time looking at unbelievably gorgeous, incredible expensive dresses...
    ps. did you buy it?

  4. Hahaha I ummed and ahhed and even tried to coerce Oh into helping me pay for it. But someone else snapped it up first! And I'm glad - that's a crazy amount to spend when I haven't tried it on... right? Haha they are gorgeous though right? Also! I have a new blog home! if you ever wanna say hi :D