Monday, September 6, 2010

Shameless self promotion

Teapots have unexpectedly become a big part of my life in 2010. One turned into thirty and it's been simultaneously fun and stressful... a little more of the latter maybe. I promised myself I'd get organised and branch out a little more when I got home from my US jaunt. Er... six weeks later I'm still as disorganised as ever but I've actually posted some new teapots!

This one is pretty darn simple but I think it's cute seeing as we're on the brink of all the good stuff Spring has to offer.

You can have a looksee at the rest... here!


  1. I think I might still remember your first teapot and following that post I promptly went out and bought myself some special paint, telling myself I'd make one too. Well, the paint is still waiting for a teapot to be bought...

  2. Oh you are so talented! OK I think I'm going to order one of your teapots this week! Just need to find out if they drink tea (I know they drink coffee :P)

  3. I'm just like you Clare! I have half a cupboard and the complete space under my queen bed stuffed with craft supplies or bits and bobs that I'm sure I'll use one day. But if you do get a chance, have a go with them - they're a lot of fun!

    Thanks Mel!! Loving your printables, they look fab!

    Oooh thanks Lorraine! Look forward to it, provided of course that they do drink tea :D

  4. Aww Emma, these friends drink coffee but I will order this as a wedding gift for some other friends. I think they'll love it and I'll order it closer to the wedding date in October. I'm so excited as I am making their cake as a wedding present but would like to give them something :D