Saturday, May 22, 2010

It doesn't get better than home now does it.

I still live at home with my parents in one very messy bedroom (actually I'm sleeping in the spare room because I can't fit on my bed with all that crap... another story for another day). While attempting to clean my room for the 18th time this year my mother said "You really need a house for all your things". And she's right! I have no intention of moving out anytime soon because I love living with my parents. But I wish I had an entire house to fill with all my things... but I have a feeling it wouldn't be long before all my things would magically expand so much so that I'd need another house. A house full of these goodies... (Modcloth you have a lot to answer for. How will I ever afford NYC?)

Peas in a Pod - Salt & Pepper Shakers
Love Heart Chopping Board
Flowerpot Measuring Spoons

Oh... and I think maybe a Hey, Emmaline! teapot might feature too... (wink wink)


  1. oh i know how you feel!
    Infact i'm now moving out in 2 weeks. I hope don't run out of room. Turning my 1 bedroom into a 2 bedroom unit!

  2. ahh that's so exciting! how fun will it be to have things exactly as you like them? i love living with my parents and they actually have great style, but i look forward to painting my fridge with blackboard paint one day :)
    good luck! i want to see pics!

  3. wah~~~ so cute! the heart shaped chopping board is a must! i want it 2!