Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To market, to market...

This weekend is important for two reasons -
1. It's Mother's Day - don't forget to spoil your mama rotten! If your's is anything like mine, she well and truly deserves it.
2. The Finders Keepers Markets!

If you live in Sydney I strong urge - no - insist that you get yourself to Carriage Works in Eveleigh to check these markets out this weekend. The market is full of the best and brightest up and coming designers and artists Australia has to offer... like for example the lovely girls over at Made By White.

Personally I've got my eye on their gorgeous Wooden Collar necklace. It's so intricate and sweet and a complete steal for $55.

So what are you getting your mama this Mother's Day? I can't tell because she reads my blog!


  1. Aww you're too kind! Make sure you come over and say hi! :)

  2. The necklace looks like a wooden set of boobs. I heartily approve.