Monday, May 17, 2010

Me and my cousins and you and your cousins...

I'm not sure what's cuter - the gorgeous red polka dot cupcake stand my amazing aunty bought me or the very sweet looking cupcakes adorning it?
Okay, wait - I think this chief cupcake decorator out-cutes them all.

It was so much fun helping my little cousins decorate the cupcakes I quickly baked on Mother's Day morning. I took the cheat's option and bought a tub of Betty Crocker ready-made frosting and simply split it in half colouring one lot pink and the other blue. They then used some little marshmallows, musk sticks and fruit tingles to finish them off. Strangely enough they were more interested in decorating than eating - clearly not my children (I don't have any, for the record).

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