Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweets for my sweet

I've been drowning in teapots lately - you won't believe what a little mention in a newsletter can do for business! But no complaints here, it's been exciting to actually try and sell something I've made.. and for people to buy it! You can always check out my Made It store here. Shameless plug much?!

Suffice to say the girls called e have been busy - me with my teapots and Liz with her amazing engagement party! I'm so excited to see how it all turns out. I'm having visions of an Amy Atlas styled extravaganza.

Seriously, whoever thought of the idea of a dessert bar has my heart for life.


  1. Agreed! Dessert bars are like fun you can leave with, in a bag. Love this pic too. You should take a group photo of all your teapots so we can see! x

  2. That table has me almost running to the supermarket to stock up on sugary sweets. The picture is so tempting!

  3. haha exactly! i love the idea of lolly bags - the party continues on the ride home

    and the way amy atlas sets everything up is to die for! she has such flare - and a dream job huh?

  4. Oh that is so exciting!! I'm sure you will have stumbled yourself rich into a nice little business there =D