Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another yarn...

Inspired by Elsie's gorgeous yarn wreath over at A Beautiful Mess, I set out to make my own. I know, I'm like a broken record, but seriously it's hard to get your hands on styrofoam wreaths here in Australia. Hello Spotlight, where I found not only styrofoam wreaths but enough other crap to total $150. What can I say? It's like my Mecca.

So without further ado here is my yarn wreath with little buttony, foam stars added to the bottom. I'm pretty happy with out how it turned out. Just don't look at the back.. it's a touch messy!


  1. em this wreath is all sorts of amazing! i LOVE it and i don't even do christmas. what a great colour combo!
    and of course, where you're involved, a button or two can't be too far way :P


  2. Wow, that's amazing! You made that :o I so couldn't even begin to do that-bravo! :D

  3. thanks vj - you know i love my buttons. do you think tash will still want to go halvies in my business? remember in uni when i made bags and he wanted me to have a brand called e?

    thanks lorraine! not as skillful as your amazing creations i think. those cannoli!

  4. I never thought to make my own wreath... so I wouldn't know the foam ones are hard to come by.

    It looks amazing!!! I might try my hand at one next year =D Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Wow super cute!The button stars add a lot.