Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The boots are made for walkin'

A while back I made a special set of shoes for a special friend - I grabbed some sharpies and some white canvas shoes and basically went to town while watching the last four episodes of Dexter Season 3 (I love you Miguel Prado!). The shoes were well received and with them came the request for another pair from another friend. So who did I draw in the Secret Santa swap? Said friend! Perfect excuse to get me off my butt and drawing on some shoesies! Suffice to say she loves music - namely tegan+sara - and may, or may not, be named Shannon.
Overall I'm stoked with the results seeing as I free-handed it all!

Check after the jump for more photos and a super dodgy phone pic of the original pair


  1. Wow you drew that? :O I so couldn't do anything like that! That looks like a designer pair!

  2. those are mine! coolest shoes ever from the most awesome bff ever!

  3. That's so awesome!!!
    I might have to do that one day, although I doubt I can draw as good as you!

    Of course you can post the gingerbread link on your page =D feel free to pinch whatever photos you want =)
    I'm glad you like my choice of lollies.. I've been eating the left over bullets every night... so yummy!

  4. lorraine - thank you!! i wish they looked designer... up close they're a touch messy :) but they're good fun!

    shazzy - all your's!! love you mypoch

    shellie - if your drawing is anything like your gingerbread-ing ability then your shoes will be amazing! gonna post all my christmas inspiration with your amazing house at #1