Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A penny saved is a penny earned... but I don't have any pennies.

I'm hearting my Vinnies finds today after sneaking out of work at a tasty 2 o'clock this afternoon! I'd been eyeing off a sweet thermos in the window of a Kogarah op-shop so when I was out early today I seized the opportunity...of course said shop was closed, but hey... whatdya know? My local Vinnes delivered in spades instead...

A tonne of material (including the cute orange stripe background material and some tacky vinyl), 3 metres of pink lace (50c... I couldn't buy 5 red frogs for that), some wool for my newly found pompom addiction and my cute-to-boot thermos - all for 15 big ones.

My partner in crime has up and left me again! Last time Dubai, this time NYC. One of these days I'm going to stow away in her bag. In the mean time I'm off to play the new Super Mario Bros with Ma + Pa, almost as good I'd say...almost!


  1. Great finds! :) Have fun in NY! What a marvellous city (or are you going to NY? Sorry I'm a bit confused :) )

  2. We're a bit confusing - there are actually two of us.. one of whom is lucky enough to be in NYC! The other is stuck in Pyrmont at work... me! Boo hiss!