Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let them eat cake...

Both girls called e are December babies - this is an important fact because it really does have an impact on who we are and why we work so well together. And guess what?

Today is my partner in crime's birthday!

found here by daniel jones
It's been ALMOST two years since we stumbled into each others lives - sharing a love of all things cute, sugar-y and japanese. You've changed my life with the aide of freckles, Special K and your generous and fun nature. And I can safely say the past two years have been all the better for knowing you, my sistah from another mistah... (sorry I just ruined the tone of this post).

found here by preposterous on flickr


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and it's so cute! Love the banoffee pie post hehe :)
    Such a cute message in this one

  2. hey there fellow style school classmate! i'm so excited to get going. i'm almost willing to speed through christmas to get to jan 10

    thanks so much for the blog lovin'!

    ps your homework pages are fantastic! i'm really naughty and haven't even started mine yet. eeeek!

  3. Dear fellow girl called e,
    Thanks for the lovely post and also the very awesome gifts and for showing up at Dr Pong where I was quite a disgrace.
    Only six sleeps til you're the birthday girl and you get to be the disgrace.