Friday, January 15, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...

The last bike I owned had glittery handlebars and a shiny unicorn sticker across the middle. It was beautiful. Despite my having the world's most beautiful bike, I still just never quite mastered the art of riding it. The training wheels kept me company for a long while, followed by my dadda giving me a running push start and then I'm sure there was a brief period where I was capable of riding on my own.

It has probably been 10 years since I last sat atop a bike and I'm not so confident that the old adage is true - I think I may have forgotten how to ride a bike. That doesn't stop me daydreaming of balmy summer afternoons (oh which there is a distinct lack of in Sydney at the preset moment) riding leisurly around the inner west with Oh, stopping to buy a loaf of crusty bread at the bakery... and then I wake up and realise how incredibly wanky that sounds.
All things aside - I want a bike! A beautiful bike with a basket... (and maybe some elbow pads while I'm at it)

This bike is called Gyspy. She has a basket and PINK spokes. I think I need it.. (and a cool 1K with which to buy it)

Holy smokes, this is a gorgeous bike... (it's Dutch and called Tree of Life if you're interested)

This bike is named Jenny... my mumma's namesake! Based on that, and your incredibly cute exterior, I think we should be friends.

All bikes were found at The Bicycle Store
PS Owen is dying to do an experiment to see whether or not I really can ride a bike... Results are currently pending but will let you know how I go. Prepare for tears and grazes.


  1. The bike with the basket is amazing! I saw a black one on the weekend and I stared at it for ages. It was also $900 so then I had to walk away.

  2. arghh i know the feeling - i don't get why the cutest bikes are really, really, really expensive. i guess because they're cute... but still.
    and i can't fork out that much, especailly if i don't even know if i can still ride!

  3. Hi - I just found your blog via little suitcase and wanted to say hi. Your blog is gorgeous. You have such nice pictures. I always love finding new aussie bloggers. They can be hard to find sometimes. Love the bike pics. Jenny would have to be my favourite.

  4. Hey Kat! So glad you found us - it was so lovely of Toni to link to us.
    Agreed - it's hard finding Australian bloggers in a sea of Northern Hemisphere blogs - but I've just spent the better part of a an hour trawling through your blog. Man you are talented - I think I'll be purchasing one of your cute berets when winter comes around.