Monday, January 11, 2010

Take a picture.. it'll last longer.. no really...

I've been on the internet for over half my life. I can remember looking up Hanson chatrooms and writing down URLs by hand (one was seriously over 100 characters long and I think I got it wrong anyway... the art of Cut/Paste had not yet been passed on to me).
It is safe to say I love technology and the ease of the digital age. But gosh darn, I'm really getting over digital cameras. Okay, I take it back... digital cameras are actually fantastic because they mean so many more people are capturing lifes little moments and not stopping to worry about wasting film - they're snapping away like crazy folk. But the problem is... no one is printing the photos! They're sitting on USBs, CDs and hard-drives and not being looked at or laughed at or loved.

I turned 24 two weeks ago and only JUST got photos from my 21st printed. What is that all about?! And I'm pretty sure that all digital records of me from 1998 to 2002 disappeared with our last computer, never to be discovered and guffawed at years later in a shoebox under my very messy bed. That's a bit sad (or great, depending how you look at it, because I was mid-teens and those photos are just awkward).
So my vow this year is to get snapping with whatever camera I can get my hands on - be it digital, film or instant. But the most important part is to - get the photos printed. Stick them up on your fridge, give them to friends for no real reason, make a wall of photos and upload them to the book of face (even those sloppy drunk ones if you must). And make it snappy.

PS I really love this photo. It's so dorky and cute! It's something my mumma would have made me do... like wearing cherry earrings and making you pose, knowing full well you're cringeing inside and out. LOVE YOU MUM xx


  1. Haha so true! I haven't gotten any photos printed for ages! I think over 2 years? not good huh! :P

  2. It's so true. I like to do photobooks through iPhoto, I just need to get them printed!

  3. I just discovered your blog via Modern Day Pioneers and am a little freaked out...I too am a girl called E (although turning 29 this week so may be more of a Matron Called E) and like all the same stuff that you blog about and have even posted some of the same things (although you are a much better blogger than I)! I have one group blog that's full of balloons and loveheart posts (by me) and I love Seibu Loft, Pigeonhole, NYC, kikki k...the list goes on.

    Needless to say, I love your blog.

  4. lorraine - seems we are as bad as each other! but with your gorgeous photography you definitely should get them printed! your food photos are pretty much art!

    shellie - ooh! what are photobooks? my mac is uber old and i haven't explored iphoto much. is it kinda like scrapbooking on the computer? im intrigued!

    ugly girl - hello!! so glad to have found a kindred spirit - anyone who loves LoFT is an instant friend of ours. and at 29 you are definitely not a matron! there are two of us girls called e (hehe i think we confuse people a bit!) and i'm the lucky one who gets to be Toni's style school partner... but not the lucky girl called e who got the trip to NY! ps happy birthday!! em xx

  5. How cute is your blog!?

    Love it. That fish game is so addicting by the way, haha!