Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love was alive in the golden days

Owen loves music. Every now and then he'll suggest a band/song for me and he is yet to steer me wrong. I'm spending the night at home crafting so I asked for some suggestions...and boy did he hit jackpot. This song is beautiful.

This film clip really tugs at my heart strings, I can imagine it was someone's baby, a true labour of love. Animation tends to make me "squee" more than anything, partially because I studied it at uni and was meant to do Honours in it before I got sidelined by the House of's that one thing that makes me wonder "What if...".
Speaking of, this was one of my first uni projects which is like 5+ years old now (wow, that's a bit scary) and it's MEANT to have Machine Gun Fellatio's "Unsent Letter" as its soundtrack but somehow in the youtube upload it got lost... It was my one and only go at stop motion.... hence why it's pretty lame but it still makes me smile... and think of the 12 hour day I spend in that teeny, tiny room all alone


  1. Alexandra Kate RyanJanuary 17, 2010 at 10:58 AM

    How cool!! I have heard those things are extremely tedious :) Hey - I came on to find something you posted a while back - the quirky lady with the moustache sticks - I'm outta stationery and need to print some!

  2. admit it! what you're really after is those teeny tiny moustaches!

  3. I think your video is fantastic!
    I had to draw a worm coming out of an apple for year 12 art and 80 drawings later the damn worm was out. It was the most tedious and rewarding thing I think I have ever done. hehe.
    I LOVE stop motion and claymation and I have seen Fantastic Mr Fox 3 times now. I like it so much better than all the new stuff they are doing.

  4. I think unsent letter is beyond pretty, its been one of my favourite songs for years. & The Middle East are definately one of the best bands to come out in 2009. Speaking of pretty songs have you ever heard Emilliana Torini's "Sunny Road" from a few years back? or Bright Eyes's "First day of my life"? Youtube them if not, they are super cute songs. Love the Animation too, you're way clever. :)

  5. I loveeee Sunny Road, it's the sweetest song ever!
    But I haven't heard the Bright Eyes song - I'll have to have a listen when I get home! (damn youtube blocked at work)
    I miss MGF sometimes! And Unsent Letter always sticks with me for some reason.

  6. Toni - your worm picture sounds incredible! Do you still have all of it?
    I feel the same way about animation - it just kind of stirs something in me that nothing else can.
    I haven't seen Fantastic Mr Fox! How bad am I?! I need to get my butt to a cinema pronto.