Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You had me at Cookie

If a cookie could somehow represent your own psyche then Nadine Ingram's cookies would represent me. Her store Cookie Couture is brimming with shapes that speak to me. I adore sausage dogs, I own more bunny figurines than I care to admit, the letter E is fabulous (of course), I've always wanted to live in Paris and eat macaroons all day and I think that most foods on a stick are fantastic, especially hearts.


  1. I also own wayyy too many bunny figurines. and a bunny. And bake cookies.
    Your blog has been speaking to me lately, especially the fact fred flare now ships internationally, I have bitching about this since that sweetheart back floral dress months ago, which ironically you can no longer get anyway :( SIGH! Still, its a good thing! :)

  2. kelly - can you believe i paid a small fortune to get that dress by mail forwarding? so not worth the hassle. the dress was sweet... but the material and everything was a bit of a let down by the time it got here. lesson learned!
    but definitely a good thing that we can get our ff fix with a lot more ease.
    ps we are the biggest made by white fans everrrrrr. i wear my teacup and teapot brooch EVERYWHERE. i wore it in my job interview and she even commented on it... and i got said job. the power of the brooch!

    lorraine - could definitely see you whipping up a batch of those pups! to eat or not to eat? always eat...even if they are adorable

  3. You have no idea how much I wanted that dress. I'm so glad you have confirmed what I thought would be the case anyway :)
    Also so lovely you're a fan! That's really nice to hear :) Did you hear about Topshop in the UK ripping us off!! We only found out today, but we're completely devistated and downright annoyed! Check out our blog and spread the word if at all possible! x www.madebywhite.com/blog

  4. i saw that! it's so unbelievably disappointing for you guys. i'll definitely let people know! hope you guys get a response back asap!