Monday, January 18, 2010

Thank you STOP

A friend of my boyfriend's invited us over for dinner the other day. He and his girlfriend made us a lovely meal and were so hospitable. I had never met either of them before and feel compelled to thank them for their generosity. What to do? Send a text, email, facebook message? Or can I use this as an excuse to make the indulgent, but very necessary, purchase of some lovely Kate Spade stationery from Papier D'amour? Letter sets are so pretty and remind me a bit of birthday parties in the early nineties when they were the gift du jour (why 10 year olds needed stationery I'm not quite sure since I had noone to write to), but of course the Kate Spade sets are a whole lot smarter than those. I also found this very cute sausage dog set at French Navy.

But more old school and perhaps even cooler than the lovely hand written Thank You card, is the Telegram. I've always wanted to receive one and now I can from Telegram Stop.

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  1. Hehe I love stationary and they are gorgeous! I also really like Vera Wang stationary as it's all lovely thick paper and laser edge cutting :)