Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brand New Day

Sometimes living in Australia sucks - cool brands don't exist here, the best internet shops won't ship here and some of the most talented musicans from around the world won't tour here!

But today my faith has been restored - Joshua Radin is touring!
Described as "hushed folk-rock" this guy can write one heck of a song... and did I mention he is easy on the eyes too?

You may not have heard of him, but don't be surprised if a few of his songs sound familiar. Thanks to Zach Braff (did we really need a reason to love him even more?), Josh's tunes are used on a tonne of shows and movies- Scrubs, The Last Kiss, Greys Anatomy, heck even Home & Away. Braff, a friend from college, heard Radin's demo for 'Winter' and promptly included it in a heart-breaking episode of Scrubs... and the rest they say is history.

'Sif that wasn't enough, Ellen DeGeneres was so smitten with Josh's music she had him play at her and Portia's wedding. Yes indeedy!

So if you have your listening ears on, I suggest you pop over to Josh's myspace and listen to his tunes! If you like what you hear, think about catching one of his shows while he's in the country. Might see you there!

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