Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grey Gardens

If you have Foxtel (specifically the showcase channel) and you're home on Saturday night, I highly recommend you watch Grey Gardens.
It tells the fascinating tale of mother and daughter, Big "Edie" and Little "Edie", who were the aunt and cousin of famous First Lady Jackie O. The two lived a somewhat reclusive life in their house, Grey Gardens. The two were eccentric to say the least... and sometimes downright weird.

In the 70s they received attention after a documentary, also titled Grey Gardens, was made about their peculiar lives. The women were believed to be living in filth (apparently sometimes literally in their own...ew) and the house was practically dilapidated. The film crew had to wear flea collars around the ankles when filming due to the the poor level of hygiene. Jackie O stepped in and offered to clean up the house... 1,000 bags of rubbish later the job was done.

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange star in the movie adaptation, inspired by the documentary, of this mother and daughter's curious relationship. From all accounts, it's definitely worth checking out.

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