Sunday, September 27, 2009

Next Stop...

There is a big empty white wall in my living room and I am looking for something that is high impact to cover it. While in Melbourne I had spotted lots of stores selling vintage tram scrolls and David Met Nicole in Surry Hills has a great collection too. But living with a boy who thinks that vintage really just means "old and mouldy" I knew that when I walked into our apartment with an expensive and enormous rustic tram sign he was not going to be amused. Then I happened across these updated versions in the window of Orson and Blake. is an Australian company that sells these great canvases and they can produce them in any colour or any route that you would like. Or you can pick one from their catalogue that includes routes from London, Paris and New York.


  1. No NO NO !!! Arghh!! Don,t you think fakey tram rolls are a little pointless ..taking away what they are ..and leaving you with nothing but a load of meaningless words in black and white .. putting Paris ,London ,New York etc on one piece is rubbish and means nothing ?

    Get an old one or don,t go there ..Don,t listen to your boring boy friend he's a Tradie and drives a bright green Ute! (am I wrong )?

    Go old and original ..don't fake it will look rubbish and pointless.. ! ..Keep searching you'll find one !! and ditch the (B B Q and Beer, Boy friend)!

  2. Ha ha, no he's not a tradie.

    I get your point about the charm of the old ones, but I think ditching the boy over his dislike of vintage tram signs might be one step too far.

  3. Ok Yes I suppose its a little extreme !..but one should always try to have high standards!!