Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sisters are doin' it for themselves..

Well at least Lyndsay and Kelly White are.
The sisters are the masterminds behind Made by White - a deliciously quirky and cute jewellery line, who are now extending to wall art and beyond!

With their unique eye and flair for fun, the girls use a range of material from perspex, wood and silver to create their stunning pieces. The pieces draw from a range of inspiration - nursery rhymes, fairy tales and a little bit of Mexicana for good measure.

And the best bit? They're reasonably priced!
If you're anything like me, you're a little exasperated when trying to find cute gifts online that don't cost both your arm, leg and first born. Made by White has been responsible for a myriad of gifts I've given over the last two years and are without fail always well received.

My personal favourite is the above teapot and tea-cup combo (which I might add has received many a compliment - even in a job interview!) but I'm also eyeing of their new chalkboard collection...

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