Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life made simple, PDF style

I hope I'm not alone when I say I'm terribly disorganised. That means forgetting keys, running late and having a wardrobe of perpetually crushed clothing (irons and I never saw eye to eye).

This also means that it will be a friend's birthday and I'll have a beautiful wrapped present ready to go but no card. Short of scribbling my heart-felt message on a receipt or train ticket, what's a girl to do? Buy PDF stationery of course!

Check out this RIDICULOUSLY cute stationery set by Mel at Tinys.

It's really simple -
You buy the set, Mel sends the file to your email and then it is yours - forevermore!
Whenever you're in need of a gift tag, or some super kawaii notecards, you simply open the PDF and print it out as you need.

Now you never have to worry about being left card-less and you have some delicious looking stationery! Just be careful not to drool on the paper... those cupcakes look pretty tasty.

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