Wednesday, October 14, 2009

About a girl

On the same day that I discovered Brunette, the hazelnut spread that will play a pivotal role in my life, I also toddled off to the movies with Ma and Pa, as well as Oh. Talk about ultimate double date. That's right, I double date with my parents and it's great!
We had scored some free tickets to An Education. I'm terrible at synopses so I will sum it up in the below picture that captures the mood of the movie quite well...

(On another note, why do boy stick figures get to be naked? I guess I should ask myself that seeing as I drew it...)
Basically the movie is the above picture, except set in the 1960s in England, with much better fashion and some fantastic Parisian scenery (as per the poster).

I could go on and on about whether or not I liked the movie (I did, it was a screenplay by Nick Hornby which = win in my books), but I'd rather focus on Carey Mulligan who plays the lead, Jenny.
This girl is cuteness on a stick! She plays this part so convincingly and so sweetly that I couldn't take my eyes of her. I've heard a whisper she is in the running for an Oscar, and while the movie itself probably isn't worthy, I think her role might be.
If you've got a spare two hours and some money to burn, An Education isn't the worst way to spend it.

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