Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How appropriate, you fight like a cow...

I was raised on a strict diet of Mario Kart and Monkey Island. This is back in the day when floppy disks were actually floppy, not those rather hard looking A drive disks. Anyway, I was quite the little geek and, considering my brother and I have owned every Nintendo console known to man (except the Gameboy Lite), I suppose there is no denying it has followed me into to adulthood.
But times have changed - I just don't catch up with Guybrush Threepwood as much as I should, and Bowser still has Peach captured in the castle at the present moment. I've started spending more time cooking and crafting, and I guess the gameboy just had to fall by the wayside. But who said that my new loves and my old couldn't meet in the middle? Hello Naomi sure seems to think they can. Step over Bakerella, I think we have a new favourite baker in town.
This girl can turn geek to chic, all on the surface of a cupcake. And really, is there a better place for the two to meet? Look at the ridiculously amazing Super Mario Bros and Pacman cupcakes! It's a my idea sugary heaven.

Check out more of Hello Naomi's work on flickr or if you're in NSW, order some of this geek goodness for yourself!


  1. Zomg, those cupcakes are fantastic!!

  2. they really are! sugar and nintendo is never a bad mix. but she does other fantastic, non-geek related ones too! if only i lived closer to newcastle...