Friday, October 23, 2009


I'm home on a Friday night (I know it's lame but I couldn't be happier) and these are my favourite things as of 10:49PM.
Photographic evidence that two girls called e can make an awful pretty baked treat!

Do you have a happy show? This is mine. Erica, in her mid 30s and totally fed up with her life not going to plan, has a car accident and wakes up to a therapist insisting she writes down all her life's regrets. Gee, sounds like a riot Em. It is! Each week the therapist sends her back in time to a different part of her life so that she can do-over. It's fun and fabulous and worth your bandwith (or in my case, a Friday night on ABC2!)

Mr Joshua Radin (pronounced Rayyyydin apparently, I'm not convinced) and his whisper rock and babbling stories. Each song was prefaced with a story about the song, the story spanning longer than the song itself of course. That said, no one can keep a room of hundreds that captivated and silent unless you can play one heck of a song and so he did! Thanks Mr Braff for sharing him with the rest of the world, we appreciate it.

And on another note magnation has opened in Newtown! At the present time they aren't too well stocked, but I'm excited that I'll be able to get my grubby paws on an issue of BUST regularly. And my home-girl Martha should be in attendance too!


  1. Did you make those cupcakes in cones?? They are so gorgeous. I totally have my money on cupcakes in ice-cream cones as the next big thing. i've seen a couple lately and they really are the CUTEST!! ^_^

  2. We sure did! But can't take too much credit - Donna Hay provided all the inspiration and recipes :D
    BUT Liz is one mean piper huh?
    Love the cute little cones! Way better than the sherbet cones you used to get in the supermarket too!