Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stick em up!

Planning on having lots of bbq's with friends this summer? I know I am (just as soon as I buy a bbq).

Proving that you can make the most mundane object quirky and interesting, the Condiment Gun makes that old glass sauce bottle just look plain sad.
Aside from the obvious risks of putting this in the hands of a male (especially on a day when you're wearing your prettiest white cotton summer dress), I think it is too fun to resist.
Buy it at Opus Design.


  1. Ooh I need to go and check Opus out! They've got some great stuff :)

  2. This is too cool. I want to have a BBQ just so I can use a condiment gun!

  3. how great is it?
    i'd be nervous about giving it to the boy to use though... think id have to wear old clothes when its in use. the temptation would just be too much.