Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hang me on your wall...

Yesterday I received my last issue in my Frankie subscription (courtesy of Oh's gorgeous parents). Le sigh, all good things must come to an end... but not this! I'll be re-newing it ASAP. I haven't had much of a chance to read the issue, but I did notice that their 2010 calendar is ready and oh boy it's a good'un.

It features work by The Black Apple and Ashley G and Drew, both of whom I heart and have bought from in the past. I think it'd look awful pretty on my wall at work...
You can source it through Frankie or Pulp Creative Paper

In other news, I've been having serious jealousy issues over Pretty Pretty Yum Yum's stamp collection. So while I was attending the Big Yum Cha in Ashfield on Friday I popped into Morning Glory and nabbed some cute teeny, tiny stamps. I have no idea how or when I'll use them, but I feel all the better for having them. ('scuse the flannel... I do know it's almost summer...). I bought some other goodies but more on them later


  1. you shouldn't ever have to apologise for flannelette PJs!

  2. those teeny, tiny stamps are so cute!!

    the frankie calendar is gorgeous too!

  3. haha i completely agree laura! i pretty much live in pjs/ when i told the girls at work that i have driven in my pyjamas before they were horrified! and flannelette is so very cosy

    shellie - how tiny are they?! i have no real idea why the bear/dog is taking a photo with a camera in one of the stamps, but i still love them. here's hoping that the frankie calendar ends up in both our christmas stockings!