Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't think, just spend...

This panda fry-pan is haunting me! I saw it in in Japan at LoFT, along with some very cute apple shaped cutting boards, and thought... oh.. maybe I'll get it tomorrow.
Of course tomorrow came and went without the panda fry-pan having made its way into my luggage.
So now I'm relegated to staring at it forlornly, knowing that I could have had it much cheaper if I'd just bought the damn thing when I first saw it!

Same goes for these taterpots for growing herbs. These were like ¥400 instead of $14USD online! I just love their old-fashioned faces - particularly Winky on the left there.

Of course, if either of these take your fancy and you aren't short on dollars - Fred Flare will fix you up. But beware - they don't ship to Australia which means you need to use a mail forwarding service... which again is a bit exxy!

So let that be a lesson to all of us, ignore that voice of reason and SPEND WHILE YOU CAN! You'll only regret it later (but don't quote me on this...)


  1. Everybody knows that you can't fry an egg in a pan that does not have a panda's face on the side. These a cooking basics, derrr!!

  2. exactly!! and you can't grow herbs unless the pot has a silly face on it. clealry...

  3. Exactly. Herbology 101. Right there. Bam!