Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I ocassionally feel this emotion that I can only describe as Squee. It's the noise my brain makes when I see something I really, really, really love. I literally feel like my heart is going to explode through my chest because I want it so badly and all my brain can think is SQUEEEEE!

It can happen in the oddest of places but it's usually while I'm in stationery stores (LoFT was very nearly the death of me), cupcake bakeries, or Alannah Hill. It's as though these stores were MADE for you without your knowing you even wanted it - as though someone walked into your brain and turned it into a shop on King St.

You have the sudden urge to empty your life savings on the counter and run around the store wildly grabbing at shelves, trying to stuff every little thing into your bag. These moments are so bad for my health (increased heart-rate, sweaty palms) and my bank balance it would seem. It's usually a feeling of extreme excitement that one place could house so many things you love, followed by a dollop of disappointment that it isn't yours.

And that is what Pink Frosting does to me! Oh lordy, have you ever seen such delicate cupcake cases, sweet cookie cutters or quirky place card settings? They have such a huge range of partyware that you're going to be planning parties just so you have an excuse to buy these things. Seriously people -there are things on this site that you didn't know you existed, didn't know you needed... BUT NOW YOU DO. And that my friends is the feeling of Squee.

And while you're frothing over the Squee worthy goods on their site, why not also head over to Not Quite Nigella and try your hand at winning a $100 voucher for Pink Frosting? And then donate half to me when you win...

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