Saturday, October 24, 2009

And as the old year took a bow...

October is coming to a close, which means Christmas and the new year aren't far behind. Each year I make a tonne of resolutions to start fresh - be kinder, healthier, more organised and less messy. Within a few days it all peters out - so this year I'm just going to make a resolution to buy cute things. And what better way to start the new year than with a very sweet calendar? Made 590 seem to have this well and truly covered.

How FREAKING cute are the babushkas? It's no secret we love those cute little matryoshkas with their sweet scarves.

Next up is this kitsch tree calendar which changes its foilage depending on the season! And while theoretically it's backwards for us in the southern hemisphere, I just don't care! I think this is my favourite.

The last one I'm featuring (but by no means the last on offer by Made 590) is this cute stamp calendar. Each month has a new page of stamps that are actually stickers. Fantastic!

So I strongly urge you to follow my lead and make a resolution to buy cute things in 2010... it will help the GEC too right? Or something.


  1. aren't they gorgeous?! i'm still trying to decide which one i will make my own :D

  2. I got the stamp one, and it is AMAZING. love love love it.