Thursday, October 15, 2009

Your Legs Are As Hairy As My Beard

Can you believe ZZ Top actually had a song called "Your Legs Are As Hairy As My Beard"? Actually I can... and I have a feeling Owen might agree with them on that front.

But seriously, beards are very cool. My father has the best beard in all the land. It's thick, with just the right amout of scratch for when you go in for a cuddle.
Some people, no names mentioned, aren't so blessed by way of facial hair. But fear not... I have found a solution! I made you a beard! Well, not me but.. I Made You A Beard did...!Fancy a face full of lustrous, ginger hair? Or are you a more demure, grey-beard? Maybe you're channeling Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat... on your chin!

You can check our I Made You A Beard on etsy or at Mahardry Goods (they have lots of cute bits and bobs for little'uns)


  1. bahahaha!!
    ...this reminds me though... i do need to shave my legs... thankyou! :P

  2. Iron Chef Shellie - glad I could be of help :) I need to as well but the weekend came and went without me doing it. Whoops...!

    Haha aren't they so wacky? Think we need a costume party dedicated to Bearded Ladies next time Alex... highly attractive to all males.