Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday's child...

I think I was born on a Friday (I'm too lazy to look this up) so according to that random poem, the one that everyone somehow knows but isn't sure how, I'm of loving and giving. Hmmm I'm not convinced but I will give you the gift of telling you what I'm loving this Friday.

Pinafores! Since I'm a Pants-Free-Zone, I'm a big fan of pinafores, tunics, jumper dresses - whatever you want to call them. I love that you can wear whatever you want underneath them to give them a bit more life and personality. Just last week I picked up this cutie from victoria 'n bird for a measly $75 AUD including postage... and it's handmade! It's pretty much going to be my new staple for winter.
(PS that isn't me. I wish!)
 If you know me at all, you would know my love for Tony Martin. He is, without a doubt, my favourite comedian/radio personality/geek/whatever ever (he even beats Shaun Micallef in my book of cool). So I was extremely glad to open my latest issue of Frankie and see an article dedicated to the man himself. Buy it, read it, and love him. And then go and buy one of his books for a good chuckle (Lolly Scramble had me laughing hysterically on a train... cue the weird looks from fellow commuters).
And finally - one of my oldest, sweetest friends is having a bub! She's due in April and I'm very excited for her baby shower on Saturday. I'm not giving away what I bought her on the odd chance she might be reading this, but I will show out the impossibly cute suitcase I bought to put the gift in.


  1. I really like your "no-pants" mantra (and quite envious that you've managed to stick to it). Have a feeling that I also look better in skirts and dresses, but I'm loathed to give up the ever-so-comfortable, weekend go-to, jeans & t-shirt combination. Have fun at the baby shower.

  2. Lady B - I thought it would be tricky too! But it was surprisingly easy after a while. I think the secret is to put the jeans out of reach also and have plenty of black stockings at the ready - especially because it looks a little chilly where you are! =)

    Pen - haha of course! If anyone would know that, it would be my twin. We were such a freaky and happy coincidence.

  3. Love that pinafore, its so damn cute and simple!
    Completely agree re: the no pants policy, need HEAPS of stockings ready to go and just collect as many beautiful pairs of boots as you can so you never feel the need to wear anything else. I think a few years back I bought about 25 pairs (all vintage of course) over the span of the winter, practically one in every colour! If only funds could afford such extravagance again! Sigh!

  4. Yup! The key is having stuff you love to wear at the ready and making the outfits really easy so that you never ever just default back to the dreaded pants out of desperation

    Oh yes boots are a must - every season I wear through one pair of black boots because I just wear them obsessively.
    Now 25 pairs?! That sounds incredible! I need to find out where you shop!