Saturday, February 13, 2010

Put on that dress - I'm going out dancing

I'm celebrating one whole year without pants tomorrow! It was on Valentines Day 2009 that I decided I look pretty awful in jeans... so I simply stopped wearing pants of any kind. No siree, no apple bottom jeans nor the boots with the fur. And I haven't looked back since (well okay, once.. I have to admit I wore jeans on the plane to Japan, but only on the plane).
(found via we heart it)
I inherited not one, but two doses of big thighs - thunder thighs, I believe they're called. I'm one of those weirdly proportioned people that can wear two sizes smaller up top than on the bottom... so suffice to say no matter how hard I try, I just don't look good in pants. I was sick of feeling bad about it so I made a decision - and life without jeans really isn't as hard as you'd think. Sure you don't have your easy, go-to jeans and t-shirt outfit that takes all of two seconds to throw on, but having to think a little more about what I'm wearing actually means I leave the house feeling a lot more confident. Sure it's the lazy person's option - change your wardrobe, not your figure - but it works for me. And just think of the endless full skirts, waisted dresses and cute tights the world has to offer me now. Betty Draper eat your heart out.

So in honour of this special day, check out this super sweet and fitting clip of Ben Kweller's Sundress (starring his beautiful wife!). Not only is it dress related, it's a total declaration of love. Happy Valentines Day Eve!


  1. I must say it's freaky how much I understand the non-pants thing. I know several of my very close co-workers and friends who feel exactly the same. I didn't wear jeans all last year or the one before and feel so much better for it. I cant wait for winter, my friend recently bought me the most amazing stockings in japan and i'm dying to wear them. sigh.

  2. I'm so glad I have a kindred spirit! Everyone thinks I'm mad when I say I haven't worn pants for a year. A life without jeans is a happy one I say.
    I want to see these stockings!