Thursday, February 4, 2010

Modern Warfare

No, these aren't the tools of an amateur militia- these are some of the weapon inspired home wares at hart&heim. Why eat round eggs when you can mix it up with this unexpected shape? Tea light holders can look so generic but this one is da bomb, as is this grenade shaped screw driver set. I'm very much anticipating spicing up my next cocktail party with shot gun casing shot glasses and bullet shaped ice. Well a hangover feels like you've been shot in the head anyway so it's actually quite appropriate. Harbouring childhood dreams of being a ninja? Hang your coat on Ninja stars! But ultimately make love not war- so nicely expressed with the traditional symbol of romance being displayed in this ultra cool gun vase and a throwback to the days of flower power.

1 comment:

  1. From now on, if anyone ever dares serve me up an egg that is not shaped like a gun, words will be said.