Monday, February 1, 2010

Just another manic monday... the bangles

I really love Dinosaur Designs - I think they're fab and fun... but just a touch overpriced maybe? I'm not sure - they are so distinctive and special, but their pricepoint sometimes makes me think twice. I've got a few special pieces... one given to me by my darling friend e on my last day of work. It was the perfect gift, I think it was one of the first things we ever bonded over... and it was our favourite colour.

My mama is also a special lady who happens to understand me inside and out. Knowing full well my love of resin jewellry she booked me into a course with bqueen. You know that feeling where something just clicks and you know you'll love it for life? Perhaps a Squee moment if you will? Well this was one for me. I love making this stuff and it's really not hard.! Admittedly I'm not particularly good at it, and I actually get a pretty brutal rash from it (er... I'm really selling it huh?), but it's so satisfying and fun. Check out a few of my latest...and yes they do kind of look like plasticine but they also need to be sanded, so give me a little credit!


  1. Oh these are fantastic! My sister and I did a resin jewellery course a few years back and we had so much fun, though we never did do anything with the million tiny bead shaped resin castings we made using old pill packets, I should really pull them out and try to make a necklace. We also did some great pieces using our perspex buttons, pendants with little owls in the middle sanded back to look like one layer. Resin is FUN! and yes, DD is a little overpriced, but I suppose you're paying for the exclusivity and brand name, like anything "designer" :-)

  2. Genius using old pill packets - you two girls are too clever!

    I'd love love loveee to see the ones with your MBW buttons and pendants! I tried using some buttons in my round mold but It didn't want to work... they sunk to the botton and then some were to thick and the resin didn't properly set over them.

    But it is mega fun huh? I just get impatient waiting for it to set... and I'm still recovering from a rash that I got doing it last Tuesday. And let me tell you, it's not a pretty rash....eww.

    Totally agreed - I guess DD are a brand like any other and with that comes a premium. And I think for a few fun pieces it's worth it! I tend to like their standard pieces and not so much the seasonal collections they do though.