Monday, February 1, 2010

Summer I've got Winter on my mind...

I'll never understand why it is that in the middle of a gorgeous Australian summer... all I can think about is winter clothing. Images of cute, buttoned coats or cosy, knitted knee high socks are dancing around my head - yet if I'd worn either of those items today I'm pretty sure I'd have melted into a puddle. I'm going to blame it on that blasted northern hemisphere and their talk of pretty snow and hot chocolates. And in the meantime, I'm going to suck on a raspberry zooper dooper and drool over these pretties by Betsey Johnson
Oh and you can bet that on those cold and blustery winter days I'll be dreaming of little dresses and days spent on the beach.


  1. Haha, I had this conversation with someone the other day, talking about how I never want it to be summer because I miss my boots and stockings an unhealthy amount. LOVE these Betsy stockings, they are amazing. Have you ever seen the antipast brand stockings from Japan? oh my, I am DREAMING of owning these ones.
    Unfortunately I believe they are long gone and I will never get my hands on them, but a girl can dream...

  2. oh and by the way your link doesn't work, forgot the "m" in .com! :)

  3. ohhhhhh my gosh.
    those red stockings are to die for.
    and i hate that feeling of just knowing you can't have them... but you still can't get them out of your head! and now those red ones are firmly stuck in mine... ooh so lovely.

    ps thanks for the link help... i'm such a lazy blogger, don't even check my links! x