Friday, February 5, 2010

East of Everything

I'm currently situated at the most easterly point of Australia and boy this makes me happy. Byron Bay is one of my happy places! I've been coming here long before my memory kicked in, or so say the photos of little me standing at the lighthouse being blown to bits by the wind at age 2.

I came here for schoolies, drinking Midori mixed in a two litre bottle of Lido with some sand added for good measure - the drink of choice for all 17 year olds I think. We used to start our bonfires early and before the night ended we had invariably picked up some strangers who were either twirling fire or strumming guitars.

Oh and I have come up here lots of times but our first time as just us and it's all sorts of lovely.

Anyway, I'm off to hit the beach before the sun disappears. I'm being dared to jump of the Wreck and I'm more than a little scared. Wish me luck xx

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  1. Your post reminded me so much of my "beach" place, which was Lorne. Similar thing - wind swept pictures from my childhood, schoolies also with Midori (I still don't touch the stuff), and then a few more recent 'special' times down there too. I'm really enjoying your blog. Thanks!

  2. Oh Lorne is so pretty! I've only passed through on the way to the falls
    festival a few times but it's such a beautiful part of the world. There is just something about a beach that you can't shake huh?
    I attempted to relive past times by ordering a midori last night...mistake! So sickly and so garishly green. What were we ever thinking?!

  3. we were in Brunswick this weekend. We got there friday and had fantastic weather. Then saturday it started sprinkling then saturday night it poured so unfortunately we missed out on Byron markets this morning. I was bummed! I love byron markets.

  4. That's so funny we were so close!
    I got up to Byron on Thurs and we stayed til Monday (where I got stuck at Ballina airport for 5 hours... aghh Jetstar, you fail me again). Such a bugger we only got one day of nice weather huh? It was raining so heavily after this photo pretty much - bugger.
    And I couldn't believe the byron markets weren't on either! It's one of the only times I've been up there and not gone.