Sunday, February 21, 2010

In the summertime...

Today feels like it's going to be a hot one so I woke up and cut myself a big hunk of watermelon. But you know what I really felt like?
This watermelon ice-block mama and I discovered in Harajuku and ate while wandering around Yoyogi Park - a sweet watermelon ice-block with chocolate chips for seeds. Sure ice-blocks and choc chips sound like an odd combination but they were delicious! Here's hopin' the Japanese are a little more understanding when it comes to ice-blocks and eating while walking, otherwise we made a nice social faux pas. Let's be honest, I'm sure I made plenty...(blowing my nose in public... look I'm sorry but I'd just finished an awfully sad book!)


  1. OMG! we had one of these yesterday!! I had a grape Callipo thingo and my boy got one of these down at a local shopping strip... given that it was a Korean and Japanese grocery store helped!

  2. Awesome!! I'm so stoked you can get them in Australia. I'm going to have to gon a mission :)

  3. OMG! That looks absolutely delish!(: