Friday, November 6, 2009

Better late than never...

It seems that on any given Friday you'll find at least one of the girls called e at home... usually me! But tonight I didn't vegetate - I did something I've been dying to do for two years - I Print Gocco-ed!
I bought this nifty little screen printing machine almost two years ago once I heard they were out of production and just had to, in my impatient haste, get my hands on one. A couple of hundred dollars and a few years later and here we are... I was petrified of this machine - it has old-school, one-use-only light globes and it all just seemed too scary. But guess what? SO FREAKING EASY.

The design is pretty basic, drawn by me one night in front of Come Dine With Me on Lifestyle Food with an artline pen... but I think it's cheery and cute and will now be my 2009 Christmas card.
I opted for black because now I can go and use my sharpies to colour in the gaps!


  1. Cute! I started getting supplies for my xmas cards yesterday! haha... just need to plan what I will be cooking for the presents..*le sigh*

  2. we'll both be super organised!
    i'm pretty sure that, based on the photographic evidence i've seen thus far, anything you cook for christmas will be AMAZING!
    how far out do you start?

  3. What a gorgeous design! :D I looks very Kikki K :)

  4. Oh thanks Lorraine! Haha I WISH they looked like Kikki K... maybe Kikki K done by a 5 year old hey? :)

  5. They are simply too cute!
    Very impressed with the screen printing. Have always been meaning to get my dad to teach me how. He still has his little set and cracks it open every now and then to usually make some sort of silly little tshirt design or something...
    But very cute indeed! :)

    x Ricky