Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The wheels on the bus...

There is one item I have been dying to own since 2007 when I still worked at the House of Mouse. I spent hours staring at it, willing it to find its way to me - but alas, as I've whinged many times previous, Fred Flare do not ship internationally.
Well fast forward to 2009 and I discovered the world of mail forwarding. A few weeks and a heck of a lot of dollars in postage later, I am finally united with said item of desire - my school bus tote!
School Bus Tote

I love him and his jolly little face very much, but unawares to me at the time of buying (thanks FF)... it's actually a nappy bag! Upon opening the bag, the lining is water-resistant with thousands of pockets for which I have no use... and well to be honest, it just looks like a nappy bag. My suspicions were further confirmed when a middle-aged man commented on my "funny, nappy bag". Who cares - I still wear it with pride, just not motherly pride.


  1. Even better, it gives you an excuse to keep it for an extended period of time for 'when you have a baby'. Plus, it's too cool for school.

  2. you'll have babies one day :)
    and you'll be super practised at toting around a nappy bag :)

  3. Hahahaha, that is so funny, but cute:)

  4. haha true true!
    i don't like my chances of it still looking quite so cute and clean by the time a bub comes on the scene, but who cares :D