Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Remember the days by the old school yard...

I'm so excited to be going back to school.... style school!
I tend to get a bit blog obsessive... and in the last month or so I discovered the wonder that is Red Velvet Art, namely Elsie Flannigan.
You know how there are some people out there who are just so damn cool that you wish you were them? Well, sometimes I wish I was Elsie.
Come on - she makes amazing crafty goods, has a cute muso boyfriend and a wardrobe I would literally kill for (you heard me...)
Look at her! She's so freakin' cool!
elsie headband

She even mananges to make hanging up her stockings look fashionable... so who better to learn style from?
stockings by elsie

I've just signed up for Style School - six weeks of fun and quirky projects.
Best homework ever!
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  1. Best homework ever-I couldn't agree more! I just printed the homework and I am going to start right away, I am so excited!