Friday, November 13, 2009

Move over polaroid and make way for grapefuit...!

Okay, I think I may have meant make way for Fuji Instax Minis.
I have a feeling I'm a bit late to the game and that these cameras aren't anything new, but since the slow and painful death of the Polaroid these cameras are a great alternative.
The cameras print out instant photos the size of a credit card with more clarity than your average polaroid and the shell of the cameras are pretty darn cute too.
Check out this cute comparison by A Beautiful Mess - I'm hearting these wallet sized snaps!

So this is #1 on my Christmas list this year... but what a bugger they don't sell them in the land down under! There is always ebay...


  1. Hey!

    The Polaroid camera & film will have a new release in 2010! Have a look!


  2. that is fantastically cool!
    thanks so much for letting me know :)