Sunday, November 29, 2009

Woman with a parasol

I wish there were more opportunities in day to day life for me to carry a parasol. Sometimes, when it's sunny outside and I would prefer not to put greasy suncream on, I just think a parasol would make my life a bit easier. Not to mention make me look as pretty as a Monet painting. I suppose you could always carry one on your wedding day, like these very pretty options from Pink Frosting.

Speaking of weddings, this site has had me in stitches for the past 15 minutes- Wedinator.


  1. i plan on carrying one this summer, after spending summer last year in japan where almost every girl on the street was carrying one. they make so much sense!! :)

  2. They do make so much sense! I think we should team up and start a new aussie trend. Parasols for everyone!