Friday, November 13, 2009

The missing link...

in my christmas decorations has always been a pretty paper chain. I have the best intentions of making one each year but inevitably time gets away from me and before I know it, it's the 1st of January and I never made the chain. While it is such a nice idea to sit down and cut out all the little bits of pretty paper and stick them together yourself, if you really are strapped for time but still love the home made feel of a paper chain, then you can buy this lovely one from Lox and Savvy. They also have pretty gift wrap items like these cute pine tree chrissie cards.


  1. thanks for this lovely write up 'a girl called E' !! enjoy your weekend

    xx lox+savvy xx

  2. oh tell me about it. I always have the best intentions to make my own cards, and do lots of cooking, and then time zooms by. HOPING to be better planned this year.

  3. shellie - can you believe we're only one month away now?! aaghhh!! but if we start now, surely we will be okay! i'm dying to see what goodies you cook up

    lox+savvy - it makes it pretty easy to say nice things when we love everything you guys make!